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Suzanne Braun Levine
Writer, Editor, Lecturer, Blogger, and Activist

Suzanne Braun Levine is a writer, editor and nationally recognized authority on women and family issues, and media. She chronicled and fostered change in women’s lives as the first editor of Ms. magazine (1972-1988), the first woman editor of the prestigious Columbia Journalism Review and today as a frequent blogger and contributing editor of More magazine. Her reflection on her years at Ms. was recently published, as she is a regular blogger for Huff/Post50.  She reports on the ongoing changes in women's lives in her books, on television, radio, on her web site, and as a lecturer.  Her upcoming book How We Love Now: Sex and the New Intimacy in Second Adulthood will be the "third chapter" of her popular books featuring women in second adulthood. She has also appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Oprah, Charlie Rose, Today, and NPR.  While at Ms. she developed and produced the Peabody Award-winning HBO Special She's Nobody's Baby: American Women in the 20th Century, and edited the book based on the documentary.  She was honored as a "Ms. Woman of the Year" in 2004, and was most recently a featured presenter at the global TEDxWomen event in December 2011.

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