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Sylvia Yanagisako
Professor of Anthropology, Stanford University

Professor Sylvia Yanagisako's teaching and research interests include gender and kinship, the anthropology of capitalism, transnational cultural processes, and identity. She has conducted ethnographic research in Italy, China and the U.S. Her most recent monograph, Producing Culture and Capital: Family Firms in Italy (Princeton University Press 2002) traces the processes through which family sentiments and commitments have shaped the Italian silk industry. Her other books have explored feminist approaches to gender, kinship, race, ethnicity and nationalism and critically examined the configuration of the discipline of anthropology. She was director of Stanford's Program in Feminist Studies from 1988-1991.

Her current research is on transnational collaborations between Italians and Chinese in textile and clothing manufacturing between Italians and Chinese. This project investigates how Italian and Chinese entrepreneurs, managers and workers are reformulating their economic strategies and actions as well as their identities through their joint ventures in fashion. It also offers an alternative, collaborative methodology for the study of transnational cultural processes.

For her 2009-10 fellowship, Professor Yanagisako supported her collaborative research and writing with two other anthropologists.

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