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Pilot Program Session Outline

Seminar Format 
The four-session program (spanning eight-weeks) will combine action-based learning (high stakes scenarios, Socratic dialogue and experiential exercises), cutting-edge research, and high-level conversations informed by top women executives. All participants will have ongoing access to the Thought Leadership Greenhouse network.  The pilot dates are:


Session 1, October 6, 2010: Foundations of Thought Leadership 
(1:00 – 8:00 pm, dinner included)
  Cutting-edge research offers insights as participants explore their expertise with a hands-on exercise designed to make them think far more expansively about their knowledge and experience, and how to use it for greatest impact.
  1. Introduction (Shelley Correll)
  2. Exercise in Expertise (Katie Orenstein)
  3. Foundations for Leadership: examining the foundations for power and re-norming beyond stereotypes and traditional models (Deb Gruenfeld)
  4. Leadership in action: conversation with industry leaders


Session 2, October 20, 2010: Make Your Case: The Elements of Persuasion and Influence 
(1:00 – 8:00 pm, dinner included)
  Participants will tackle key questions that push them to think more expansively about their knowledge, ideas and causes, and map the greatest impact.
  1. In-depth OpEd Project training (Katie Orenstein). Evidence: building a credible, solid case; Building consensus – empathy and respect; Getting results: how to make a case that people will act on; and Thinking bigger
  2. “That’s Ridiculous!” exercise (Katie Orenstein). An exercise on addressing opposition—whether using empathy and respect, acknowledging and dismissing, or validating and then trumping another point of view
  3. Leadership in action: conversation with key thought leaders and gatekeepers


Session 3, October 27, 2010: Facing Opposition: The difference between being right and being effective 
(1:00 – 8:00 pm, dinner included)
  Do women ask? In this session, we explore and practice negotiation and the impact of how we negotiate on our career and our influence.
  1. What happens when we know we're technically right but we're not effective? (Katie Orenstein)
  2. Getting (More of) What You Want: Strategies for Creating and Claiming Value in Negotiations (Maggie Neale)
  3. Leadership in action: conversation with industry leaders


Conference Call, November 3, 2010, Time TBD
  Conversations with media gatekeepers


Session 4, November 17, 2010: Buy In: Presenting your ideas for impact
(1:00 – 8:00 pm, dinner included)
  1. Pitching yourself and your ideas for results (Katie Orenstein)
  2. Acting with power (Deb Gruenfeld)
  3. Panel representing thought leadership forums
  3. Celebration of accomplishment


All sessions will take place at Stanford University. The cost is $4,500 per person.