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Presenters & Interviewees
Margaret Neale Image
Adams Distinguished Professor of Management
Yvette Nichols image
Talent Transformation Leader, JC Penney
Rosie Roca image
MBA Student, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Amber Saloner Tennant image
Director, User Operations, Facebook
Kim Scott image
Vice President, Operations & Online Sales, Dropbox
Tina Sharkey image
Director, Executive, Co-Founder, Advisor
Product Innovation and Marketing Consultant
Joanna Strober
Co-author, "Getting to 50/50"
Myra Strober headshot
Professor Emerita, School of Education
Founder & CEO, AFT22 Enterprises, LLC
Melissa Thomas-Hunt image
Associate Professor of Business Administration
Sally Thornton
Founder and Chief Curator, Forshay