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Undergraduate Research Assistants


The Clayman Institute invites a cohort of undergraduates to join our Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA) program each year. The program plays an important role in furthering the Institute's research agenda. The current focus is "Moving Beyond the Stalled Gender Revolution" and our work covers a range of subjects from redesigning work to empowering women leaders.

Undergraduates are mentored by a PhD researcher. Qualified Stanford students are matched to projects in a collaborative process. Hours are approximately 6-10 hours/week during the school year.

In the past, student URAs have worked on a range of projects, including:

  • An emerging leadership curriculum to provide middle and high school girls with the frameworks, skills and tools to advance their leadership now and in the future
  • Research on online feminisms
  • A review of literature on topics such as women's leadership, coaching, and non-profit models

Students are paid a standard rate based on the research grant.