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Voice & Influence Circles Program

The Voice & Influence Circles program is designed to empower participants to gain the skills, frameworks, and tools to advance their voice and influence in their roles, teams, and organizations. This cohort-based learning model benefits Circle Leaders and Circle participants, and can also support the goals of the sponsor organization. 

Circle Leaders

The V&I Circles program provides leadership development specifically designed for the Circle Leaders. Leaders participate in a six-month training program to empower their leadership in and beyond their Circles. The skills and frameworks learned in this training will enable them to improve their effectiveness as leaders in their roles, teams, and organizations. Importantly, the program builds opportunities to build a solid network of Circle Leaders to build relationships across the organization. The training focuses on:

  • Storytelling: All great leaders are great storytellers. The program provides regular opportunities to develop and practice strategic and authentic storytelling skills
  • Team Dynamics: The program provides a solid foundation for being a great team leader, and regular opportunities to practice many aspects of team leadership, including: facilitating a productive team discussion, managing destructive team member behavior, and ensuring all team members’ voices are equally heard
  • Gender 101: The program provides leaders with a framework for understanding how gender works in the workplace and practical strategies for navigating a gendered environment. This awareness helps leaders sharpen their own voices as well as supports their advocacy of others 

Circle Participants

The V&I Circles program is a cohort-based learning initiative where individuals come together to learn skills, frameworks, and tools that enable them to become more effective in their roles, teams, and organizations. The curriculum uses a “flipped classroom” model, where individuals engage in the educational content individually (by means of an online video) but then come together to participate in a moderated discussion where the Circle participants share reflections, experiences, strategies, and future action steps. The combination of having a safe space to discuss issues surrounding career advancement, the education provided by the V&I curriculum, and the opportunity to learn in the context of a peer network provide Circle participants with a rich learning experience that moves them to action.

Organizational Goals

The V&I Circles program customizes the sessions to integrate the voice and goals of the organizational sponsor into the program.  

Read about the pilot program at Stanford: Participants in women's leadership program at Stanford share their experiences with President Hennessy, other senior officials