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Women Prisoners

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Women are the fastest growing population in the US prison system, outstripping men in all 50 states.

Facts about women in prison:

  • In California, the population of women in prison grew 1,522% between 1977 and 2004, rising from 661 female inmates to 10,882
  • Black women represent 30 percent of all females incarcerated under state or federal jurisdiction, and Hispanic women 16 percent
  • Two-thirds of incarcerated women are mothers of a minor child
  • Children of incarcerated women often fall into the foster care system or are subject to fast-track adoption policies
Read the recently published op-ed piece in the New York Times entitled, Go To Trial: Crash the Justice System, which talks about one of the panelists from the Women Prisoners:  No Right to be a Mother event, Susan Burton.  Click here to read the op-ed.
For an inside look of women in prison, also read Levinthal's article, Lost in the Shuffle