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Yalom Winners

2017 Recipient: Justine Modica

“The Atlanta Crawl” and the “Wichita Walk”: Physical Resistance, Conservative Respectability Politics and Gendered Discourse in Operation Rescue’s Anti-Abortion Protests of the 1980s and 1990s 

2016 Recipient: Jessi Piggott

Feminism meets Brecht: A Gender-Bending Production of "Saint Joan of the Stockyards"

2015 Recipient: Hannah LeBlanc

Assessing the Nation's Diet: Home Economists at the USDA and the Problems of Food Science in the Twentieth Century

2014 Recipient: Adrienne Johnson

Adam or the Ape?  Diet Books and the American Myths of Human Origins

2013 Recipient: Rebecca Chaleff

Embodying Absence: The Ins and Outs of Trio A

2012 Recipient: Alexandra Russell

Do Implicit Theories Shape Goals and Outcomes in Mental Health and Wellbeing?

2011 Recipient: Yvon Wang

Protecting the Hearts of the People: Sex, Media, and State in China, 1875-1927