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The Clayman Institute for Gender Research began in 1974 as the first of its kind and remains at the 
cutting edge of gender research.

The Institute empowers students and scholars in three key ways. We conduct and invest in intersectional gender research; mentor students through fellowships and internships; and inspire, translate, and amplify gender scholarship. More about us

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New episode: LIVE podcast with Sarah Marshall

Moira and Adrian step into the big world and record an episode of In Bed With the Right along with Sarah Marshall for an audience of 60 on Stanford’s campus. Together they discuss the life and times of Anita Bryant, OG anti-gay crusader.

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Impacts of decline in male friendship

Looking at studies showing declines in friendship are more pronounced for men than women, Postdoctoral Fellow Angelica Ferrara considers the consequences for men’s development but also for the autonomy of women. 

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Karla Oeler

Analyzing women's internal lives on screen

Film and media prof Karla Oeler investigates how films depict women in the act of thinking: a particular challenge given a focus on women's outer appearance and patriarchal assumptions about their agency. 

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50 years of gender research; 60-plus podcast episodes; 5200 Gender News subscribers; 17 fellowship opportunities; 280-plus fellows supported
At a moment of intense global crisis, the Clayman Institute offers an ideal model of an inclusive, diverse, and generative environment that should be the standard in academia.
Faculty Research Fellows Lunch with Marci Kwon
Marci Kwon, Art and Art History
Faculty Research Fellow

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