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Faculty Fellows' Lunch Featuring Arnetha Ball

Thu May 7th 2015, 12:00pm
Faculty Fellows' Lunch Featuring Arnetha Ball

Arnetha Ball: "The Educational Leadership Lives of Women of Color in Transnational Contexts"

Global trends indicate that the world’s fastest growing K-12 student populations are largely poor and students from diverse backgrounds while those in school leadership positions continue to come from backgrounds that are different from their students.  In this talk, Professor Ball, will share the narratives of women of color in school leadership positions in the US, Australia and New Zealand.  She argues that lessons learned about the educational leadership practices of women of color from historically underserved backgrounds can significantly impact schools in ways that may have important implications for improving education for historically excluded populations transnationally.  

Professor Arnetha Ball is with the Graduate School of Education and Co-Director, Center for Race, Ethnicity, and Language (CREAL).