Faculty Fellows' Lunch Featuring Hazel Markus

Thu January 16th 2014, 12:00pm
Faculty Fellows' Lunch Featuring Hazel Markus

Clash! 8 Cultural Conflicts that Make Us Who We Are

In her talk, Hazel Rose Markus will discuss her new book co-authored with Alana Conner. As the world gets smaller, people with different cultural backgrounds are colliding more than ever before. Everyday tensions between men and women, whites and people of color, richer and poorer people, and people with Eastern and Western heritage undermine productivity and well-being in our schools and workplaces.  Although each conflict seems unique, many stem from the same root cause: the clash of independence (people’s individual, unique, and in-control side) and interdependence (people’s relational, conforming, and adjusting side). Tensions flare when people using their more independent side come into contact with people using their more interdependent side.

Hazel Markus is the Davis-Brack Professor of Behavioral Sciences in the Department of Psychology in the School of Humanities & Sciences.