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Faculty Research Fellows Lunch with Christine Min Wotipka

Thu May 17th 2018, 12:00pm
Faculty Research Fellows Lunch with Christine Min Wotipka

Christine Min Wotipka: “Constructing the Index of ‘Diversity-affirming Organizational Structures and Environments (DOSE)’ with a Focus on Gender”

In this presentation, Professor Min Wotipka will explain her efforts to construct an organizationally comparable index of the ‘diversity-affirming organizational structures and environments’ (DOSE) of universities to learn which universities nurture the development and success of diversity among doctoral students and junior faculty, particularly in terms of genders, sexes, and sexualities. She looks at the university as a collection of complex processes that, for example, gender or racialize outcomes such as tenure attainment and leadership appointment. Drawing on sociological theory of organizations, she responds to the extant literature with her conceptualization of universities as porous organizations, within which formal and informal structures interact in complex ways and which are embedded in an environment with marked institutional pressures.

Christine Min Wotipka is Associate Professor (Teaching) of Education.