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Faculty Research Fellows Lunch with Megan Neely

Thu June 7th 2018, 12:00pm
Clayman Institute
589 Capistrano Way
Stanford, CA 94305
Faculty Research Fellows Lunch with Megan Neely

Megan Neely: "Hedged Out: Inside the Old Boys’ Club in Finance"

Why are the upper echelons of business dominated by an “old boys’ club”? In this talk, Megan Tobias Neely will share insights from her study of the hedge fund industry, a case of economic elites.

Now a gender scholar and postdoctoral fellow at the Clayman Institute, Megan has worked in and studied the hedge fund industry for over a decade. Drawing on a unique dataset of in-depth interviews with 45 hedge fund workers and field observations at workplaces and industry events, she demonstrates how firms organized around trust and loyalty allow the “old boys’ club” to become established and persist over time.

Megan Neely is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Clayman Institute.