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Faculty Research Fellows Zoom Talk with Jessica Gold

Thu March 18th 2021, 12:00 - 1:00pm
Clayman Institute Faculty Affiliates will be provided with Zoom link information.
Faculty Research Fellows Zoom Talk with Jessica Gold

Jessica Gold: "Words Matter: Examining Gender Differences in the Language Used to Evaluate Pediatrics Residents"

Gender disparities in academic medicine continue to be pervasive, with bias as a possible contributor. Written evaluations of residents (medical trainees) may provide insight into perceptions of residents by faculty, form the basis for letters of recommendation for positions beyond residency, and play into perceived stereotype threat experienced by trainees. In this study, Professor Gold and her associates sought to examine evaluations of residents in pediatrics, a female-predominant specialty, yet with attrition through the academic pipeline, to determine if gender differences exist in the language used to describe women.

Jessica Gold is Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics