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Faculty Research Fellows Zoom Talk with Terry Berlier

Thu January 20th 2022, 12:00 - 1:00pm
Clayman Institute Faculty Affiliates will be provided with Zoom link information.
Faculty Research Fellows Zoom Talk with Terry Berlier

Terry Berlier: "Cruising Desire Lines"

Desire Lines are Professor Terry Berlier's departure point to develop concepts for kinetic and sound sculptures that challenge and affect our conception of movement off pre-determined courses. Drawing from landscape architecture, queer theorist Sara Ahmed referred to this movement away from heteronormativity and the paths that are created as desire lines. These are “the lines of rebellion and resistance that gather over time to create new impressions on the skin surface or on the skin of the social.” This off center line re-orients us and is inherent to our being. It literally shifts our orientation by the way we move through the world. It shapes us. Berlier will discuss current projects using a queer sculptural lens to explore desire lines through a series of new art sculptures and installations.

Terry Berlier is Associate Professor of Art Practice