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Gendered Pathways to Success in Engineering, with the SpelBots robotics team

November 13, 2007 - 4:15pm
Bio-X, Clark Center, Room S360, 318 Campus Drive, Stanford

Free and open to all.

Engineering is at the heart of our local and national economy, and women are an underutilized resource in this key area of our economic well-being. Only 21% of undergraduate degrees in engineering go to women. How do we get women to self-identify as future engineers? And how do we get men to accept them in that profession? We are joined by the award-winning SpelBots Robotics Team from Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia. They are the first all-women, all-African American competitive undergraduate robotics team in the USA. They will demonstrate their four legged robots and answer audience questions. Sheri Sheppard, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford, will talk about the Academic Pathways Study, which follows the career decisions of young engineers from freshman year to professional jobs. The Spelman students will join Stanford students on a panel to discuss their personal experiences of being an engineer, and Jim Plummer, Dean of the School of Engineering, will comment. Audience question and comment is warmly welcomed. We particularly invite students, teachers and parents in our middle and high school communities to this event.

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Clayman Institute for Gender Research
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