What Do You Mean I'm Not Equal Yet?! Women in the 21st Century - The Jing Lyman Lecture Featuring Katha Pollitt

Wed February 23rd 2011, 7:00pm
Event Sponsor
Clayman Institute for Gender Research
Annenberg Auditorium
435 Lasuen Mall
Katha Politt

This year's lecture will feature The Nation columnist, Katha Pollitt. Her Subject to Debate column appears every other week in The Nation; it is frequently reprinted in newspapers across the country. Pollitt was just awarded the American book Award's "Lifetime Achievement" prize, celebrating her contributions both as an essayist and a poet. She is the author of several collections of essays; her most recent books include Learning to Drive and Other Life Stories(2007) and her second collection of poetry, The Mind-Body Problem (2009).

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