Marilyn Yalom Prize

The Marilyn Yalom Prize supports currently enrolled Stanford Ph.D. candidates working in the humanities on issues concerning women and gender.

The award supports original research or conference costs. Dr. Yalom was a part of the Clayman Institute since 1978, having served as both associate director and acting director. Prior to her death in 2019, she was a senior scholar and a well-known, internationally acclaimed historian of women's and gender issues. 

Yalom Prize Winners

2023 Recipient: Seyi Osundeko

Examining "Feminine Sorrow", a kind of self-mourning that includes the dual refusal to be consoled and an insistence on acknowledging a loss of self or potential selves produced by structural, societal, and/or cultural forces, in African and Black diasporic literature.

2022 Recipient: Joan O'Bryan

Research concerning the way in which different political "origin stories" of patriarchy shape feminist discourse

2021 Recipient: Cyle Metzger

Deep Cuts: Transgender History in US-American Art

2020 Recipient: Maria Massucco

The "Opposition of Essentialist and  Constructivist Understandings of Gender” in 20th Century Italian Literature

2019 Recipient: Luz Jimenez Ruvalcaba

Honest About Yesterday: Intimate Violence in 20th Century and Contemporary Latinx Literature

2018 Recipient: Murphy Temple

There Is No Death: British Spiritualists and the First World War

2017 Recipient: Justine Modica

“The Atlanta Crawl” and the “Wichita Walk”: Physical Resistance, Conservative Respectability Politics and Gendered Discourse in Operation Rescue’s Anti-Abortion Protests of the 1980s and 1990s 

2016 Recipient: Jessi Piggott

Feminism meets Brecht: A Gender-Bending Production of "Saint Joan of the Stockyards"

2015 Recipient: Hannah LeBlanc

Assessing the Nation's Diet: Home Economists at the USDA and the Problems of Food Science in the Twentieth Century

2014 Recipient: Adrienne Johnson

Adam or the Ape?  Diet Books and the American Myths of Human Origins

2013 Recipient: Rebecca Chaleff

Embodying Absence: The Ins and Outs of Trio A

2012 Recipient: Alexandra Russell

Do Implicit Theories Shape Goals and Outcomes in Mental Health and Wellbeing?

2011 Recipient: Yvon Wang

Protecting the Hearts of the People: Sex, Media, and State in China, 1875-1927