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Myra Strober Prize

The Myra Strober Prize honors the best Gender News article written by a Stanford graduate or undergraduate student. The $1,500 annual prize highlights news articles about women’s education, work, family, or the nexus of work and family.

Myra Strober is a labor economist and Professor at the School of Education and at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University (by courtesy). Myra is the founding director of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research (then the Center for Research on Women). She is the author of numerous books, including Interdisciplinary Conversations: Challenging Habits of Thought (2010) and Sharing the Work: What My Family and Career Taught Me about Breaking Through (and Holding the Door Open for Others) (2016).

Winners of the Myra Strober Prize

2021 Monique Harrison, Education

"How to train your AI: Uncovering and understanding bias in AI algorithms"

2020 Justine Modica, History

“How Women’s Oral History Collections Reveal the “Silent” History of Sexual Violence"

2019 Taylor Orth, Sociology

“How Diversity Messaging Can Undermine Women in the Workplace”

2018 Fiona Lee, Psychology

“Organizations as equalizers can bring – and keep – more women in the workplace”

2017 Ben Allen, Modern Thought & Literature

"Disparities in Cultural Alignment Challenge Women’s Career Ambitions in Tech

2016 Nicole Martin, History

“Women surgeons and the challenges of “having it all.”"

2015 Susan Fisk, Sociology

"Gender bias and women-led enterprise."

2014 Nicole Martin, History

“Women key to shaping the Black Panther Party”

2013 Alison Wynn, Sociology

"Taking back the right to leave"