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Sexual Assault

Advocates discuss NDAs, forced arbitration clauses and sexual harassment survivors

How are non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and forced arbitration clauses in employment agreements used to silence survivors of sexual harassment? In late October, a virtual Clayman Conversations event unpacked those questions with activists Ifeoma Ozoma, Gretchen Carlson and Julie Roginsky. The conversation, led by Clayman Institute Director Adrian Daub, began with an anonymous poll of the audience to demonstrate the urgency of the issue: The audience members were asked whether they have signed an NDA or a forced arbitration clause in their current employment contract.

Undergraduate Susan Heck interns conduct wide-ranging gender research during shelter-in-place summer

The Susan Heck Summer Student Internship is designed for Stanford undergraduates, teaching them about gender and gender research, funding their own gender-related research projects, providing mentoring by Institute PhDs, and including them in the Institute community over the duration of the summer. Continuing the program during the pandemic was a priority for Clayman Institute leadership, so the internship took place online.

How Women’s Oral History Collections Reveal the “Silent” History of Sexual Violence

In the last decade, increasing numbers of women have spoken out about sexual violence in public forums. As a historian, Estelle Freedman, a Clayman Institute faculty research fellow and the Edgar E. Robinson Professor in United States History, wanted to know how often women had vocalized their experiences of sexual violence in the past. “Do we assume silence until these [contemporary] movements?” Freedman asked. “What about in interviews, did women talk about sexual violence in narratives and if so, what language did they use? What meanings did they attribute to it?

Elizabeth Armstrong Identifies How Sexual Misconduct Policies Perpetuate Inequality

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PhD Student Rina Friedberg Honored with 2018 Lozoff Award

In May, the late Marjorie Morse Lozoff’s family and friends gathered to meet and celebrate PhD student Rina Friedberg, who was honored with the 2018 Marjorie Lozoff Award for Research on Women and Gender. This annual award is given to a Stanford graduate student conducting research related to Lozoff’s interests of furthering women’s development. This prize honors the memory of Marjorie Lozoff, who served as a model for the idea that most deeply absorbed her: furthering women's development for the benefit of women, men, children, and society. 


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