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Sexual Assault

Elizabeth Armstrong Identifies How Sexual Misconduct Policies Perpetuate Inequality

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PhD Student Rina Friedberg Honored with 2018 Lozoff Award

In May, the late Marjorie Morse Lozoff’s family and friends gathered to meet and celebrate PhD student Rina Friedberg, who was honored with the 2018 Marjorie Lozoff Award for Research on Women and Gender. This annual award is given to a Stanford graduate student conducting research related to Lozoff’s interests of furthering women’s development. This prize honors the memory of Marjorie Lozoff, who served as a model for the idea that most deeply absorbed her: furthering women's development for the benefit of women, men, children, and society. 

Shelley Correll and Gretchen Carlson (’90) on “Being Fierce” and breaking the culture of sexual assault

Clayman Institute for Gender Research Faculty Director Shelley Correll took the stage at CEMEX Auditorium with journalist and former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson (’90) to discuss sexual assault in the workplace and the power of women sharing their stories, in an event hosted by the Stanford Libraries and co-sponsored by the Clayman Institute.

The ultimate active bystanders

We must eliminate the culture of silence on campuses across the nation. On my campus, most students do not have a problem admitting that sexual assault occurs, however, the culture surrounding sexual assault makes it an enigmatic issue where bystanders do not feel empowered to do something. As leaders in our communities we have to be the ultimate active bystanders and take initiative to put together engaging programs to tackle this issue and foster sustainable cultural change.


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