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Gender News Articles: Art and Literature

Apr 29 2022 | Posted In: Academia, Art and Literature, History
“All happy families resemble one another, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Leo Tolstoy’s clever opening of Anna Karenina implies a shared understanding of what a family is, as if this concept were set in stone and immutable across time, space and cultures. 
Apr 29 2022 | Posted In: Art and Literature
There are no “wrong turns” for interdisciplinary artist Terry Berlier as she laboriously pieces together hundreds of wooden boards to create intricate, abstract möbius strip sculptures. Describing the möbius strip as a “queer form” that deconstructs the binary of inside and outside, Berlier...
Dec 13 2021 | Posted In: Academia, Art and Literature, Law
In what ways do culture, politics, race, gender and carceral status influence concepts of identity such as personhood and citizenship? As a scholar of law and literature, who is writing a new textbook, Law and Literature: An Introduction, Carl and Sheila Spaeth Professor of Law Bernadette Meyler...
Aug 26 2021 | Posted In: Art and Literature
"As someone who works primarily with fiction and narratives in general, I'm interested in how sutura materializes on the page beyond just seeing the word written in a speech bubble," states Fatoumata Seck, a literary scholar and assistant professor of French. In June 2021, Seck presented material...
Jun 3 2021 | Posted In: Art and Literature, Technology
In his 1960 book Critique of Dialectical Reason, French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre coined the term seriality to describe social relations in modern society.