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Gender News Articles: Art and Literature

Feb 28 2018 | Posted In: Academia, Activism, Art and Literature, Feminism, Technology, Unconscious Bias
How are the virtual worlds associated with the internet threaded into the cultural fabric of a city? This question guides the research of Karem Said, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Anthropology at Stanford. Focusing on how internet use varies across gender, class, and other social markers...
Feb 7 2018 | Posted In: Art and Literature, Feminism
How does a writer imbue his characters with a gender, gendered behaviors and attributes, that seem authentic, and not stereotypical, to the reader? How do the social aspects of gender inform the fictional universe of his novel?
Jan 10 2018 | Posted In: Art and Literature, Feminism
“Three wise women would’ve asked for directions,” joked Stanford Associate Professor of Musicology Heather Hadlock during her Faculty Research Fellows presentation at the Clayman Institute this fall.
Nov 13 2017 | Posted In: Art and Literature, Feminism
America’s First Lady of Late Night, Sam Bee, shared her thoughts on comedy, American politics and culture, with the Stanford University community Friday, November 10, at the Memorial Auditorium.
Sep 10 2017 | Posted In: Academia, Art and Literature, Feminism, History, Intersectionality
There is no one way to “do” feminism, just as there is no one way to be a feminist. The fight for gender equality manifests in all walks of life—because gender inequality is historical, global, and systemic. At the Clayman Institute, we are very fortunate to have an artist-in-residence to show us...