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Gender News Articles: Art and Literature

Statue of Liberty
Aug 16 2017 | Posted In: Academia, Art and Literature, Feminism, Leadership, Mentorship
In our efforts to educate the next generation of feminists, the Clayman Institute is proud to announce the establishment of its new fellowship program, the Gender News Writing Fellowship for aspiring feminist journalists beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year. 
May 26 2016 | Posted In: Academia, Art and Literature, Diversity and Inclusion
This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color, first published in 1981, is a landmark of women of color feminist writing that explores, as co-editor Cherríe Moraga puts it, “the complex confluence of identities—race, class, gender and sexuality—systemic to women of color oppression...
May 19 2015 | Posted In: Academia, Art and Literature, Leadership, Work and Organizations
Is it possible to imagine the Clayman Institute without its Jing Lyman Lectures? Its tradition of collaborative books and publications? Its beloved Serra House? Not likely, but such might be the case if not for former Institute director and scholar, Marilyn Yalom, PhD. Yalom was a pioneer in the...
May 3 2015 | Posted In: Activism, Art and Literature, Feminism, Unconscious Bias
Man up. Grow a pair. What are you, a sissy? These phrases are used casually in everyday conversation. But why are these expressions so common? And what are their consequences?
Jan 12 2015 | Posted In: Academia, Art and Literature, Work and Organizations
Motivational quotes and popular proverbs remind us of how important persistence, determination, and personal attitude are for achieving one’s goals. In so many aspects of our lives, from education to sports, to careers and even personal relationships, how an individual perceives their own success...