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Gender News Articles: Art and Literature

Jan 17 2013 | Posted In: Art and Literature, History
We think of them engraved on urns. Sculpted in white marble. Crowned with laurel wreaths. Wrapped in togas. Anything but feeling human beings. 
Oct 15 2012 | Posted In: Academia, Art and Literature
Female economists are a rare breed in academia. Perhaps that’s why labor economist Myra Strober has spent a career in the academy mentoring young women in her field. A new writing prize in Strober’s name aims to honor her work, recognize her mentorship efforts, and introduce students to Strober’s...
May 31 2012 | Posted In: Academia, Activism, Art and Literature, Unconscious Bias
Men and women of all ages packed into Stanford’s Cubberly Auditorium for a documentary film and panel discussion.  This was no ordinary documentary.  The audience did not passively view the film; instead, they were engaged in learning more and taking action. Written and directed by Jennifer Siebel...
Oct 17 2011 | Posted In: Academia, Art and Literature
Cherríe Moraga is an artist of multiple identities: playwright, essayist, poet; Chicana, lesbian, mother, feminist, indigenous rights activist.  After many years of writing and over ten years serving as an artist-in-residence in the Drama Department of Stanford University, Moraga continues to...