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Gender News Articles: Feminism

May 3 2015 | Posted In: Academia, Feminism, History, Intersectionality
“Methinks I see them stand shivering on the brink of the dreadful gulf,” John “Damnation” Murray preached in 1788, describing sinners with “their hearts throbbing—their eyeballs rolling—their teeth gnashing—and their trembling voices beginning the eternal shriek!” Without repentance, these sinners...
May 3 2015 | Posted In: Activism, Art and Literature, Feminism, Unconscious Bias
Man up. Grow a pair. What are you, a sissy? These phrases are used casually in everyday conversation. But why are these expressions so common? And what are their consequences?
Apr 21 2015 | Posted In: Academia, Feminism, Leadership, Work and Organizations
When Clayman Institute director Shelley Correll was asked to speak on the panel “Building Feminist Organizations,” she knew immediately the focus of her talk: collaboration. By building a collaborative, inclusive environment at the Clayman Institute, Correll has experienced firsthand how to put the...
Mar 30 2015 | Posted In: Feminism, History, Leadership
The great accomplishments of women vs. the pressing challenges to achieve gender equality dominated speeches and discussion at the recent Watermark Lead On Conference, where Hillary Rodham Clinton was the keynote speaker.
Feb 8 2015 | Posted In: Academia, Feminism, History
When Myra Strober first joined the Stanford business school faculty in 1972, there were only five women students out of a class of 350. That year, the only students in her class on “Women and Work” were undergraduates. Women at the business school clearly didn’t want to be associated with "women’s...