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Gender News Articles: History

Apr 21 2021 | Posted In: Academia, Art and Literature, History
“Our life started and ended with reading books,” said Irv Yalom of Marilyn Yalom, his wife of 65 years. “I can never forget her.”
Jan 26 2021 | Posted In: Art and Literature, History
In a recent presentation to Faculty Research Fellows, Stanford Art Historian and interim Chair of the Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program Richard Meyer shared an excerpt of his work on Morris Hirshfield, a Brooklyn tailor and slipper maker who achieved international recognition as a...
Nov 5 2020 | Posted In: Art and Literature, History
Yumi Moon, associate professor of history, recently conducted research into the print media of colonial Korea, examining the popularity and reception of American Hollywood films among Koreans and Japanese settlers. The topic, she argues, highlights shortcomings in existing narratives of colonial...
Sep 28 2020 | Posted In: Diversity and Inclusion, Feminism, History, Mentorship, Sexual Assault
The Susan Heck Summer Student Internship is designed for Stanford undergraduates, teaching them about gender and gender research, funding their own gender-related research projects, providing mentoring by Institute PhDs, and including them in the Institute community over the duration of the summer...
Jun 3 2020 | Posted In: Feminism, History, Work and Organizations
Since March 2020, over 33 million people in the United State have filed jobless claims. When 42 states required all but essential workers to stay home, mass furloughs and layoffs ensued and unemployment surged from 4.4% to 14.7%.