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Gender News Articles: Intersectionality

Oct 5 2020 | Posted In: Activism, Feminism, Intersectionality
In a wide-ranging conversation hosted as part of the Clayman Conversations series, three scholars of gender and sexuality set out to think through the politics of trans exclusion, but ended up thinking through the energy and wonder of a trans inclusive feminism.
Sep 28 2020 | Posted In: Academia, Diversity and Inclusion, Intersectionality
"The administration here [at Stanford] has long suggested that it values African and African American Studies, but that it can demonstrate this valuing without departmentalizing AAAS," states Clayman Institute Director Adrian Daub. "We at Clayman think that this got it backwards - that valuing...
Aug 17 2020 | Posted In: Feminism, Intersectionality, Technology
The Clayman Institute joined Postdoctoral Fellow Melissa C. Brown in discussing Black feminist activism in the 21st century for the final Faculty Research Fellows seminar of the 2019-20 academic year.
Jun 23 2020 | Posted In: Activism, Feminism, Intersectionality
As hundreds of thousands of people across the world take to the streets to demand justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery and call for a halt to police violence and racism towards Black individuals and communities, the power of public protest is undeniable. Not only are the...
Apr 27 2020 | Posted In: Activism, Diversity and Inclusion, Intersectionality
As a young adult, Diamond Collier was fired from two different jobs.    “I was in a situation where I had custody of my [younger] brother, I was working, and I was fired from a job because I was trans,” Collier said. “Got another job. Fired from it because I was trans. Here in California, you have...