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Gender News Articles: Intersectionality

Apr 20 2021 | Posted In: Intersectionality, Law
Following the murders on March 16, 2021 of eight people in Asian massage parlors in Atlanta, six of them Asian women, media coverage often focused on questions about the individuals. Were the women sex workers? Were they victims of trafficking? What were the motives of the young white male shooter?
Apr 19 2021 | Posted In: Intersectionality
Ought people speak for others who come from a different and less privileged social group? For instance, ought men speak for women? Wendy Salkin, assistant professor of philosophy and, by courtesy, of law, posed these questions during a recent talk for the Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellows...
Mar 19 2021 | Posted In: Activism, Intersectionality
On March 16, a white gunman opened fire at three spas in the Atlanta, GA metro area, killing eight people, most of them Asian or Asian American women. The reporting and the reactions to this horrific event have illuminated the urgent need for reckoning with the ways white supremacy continues to...
Jan 21 2021 | Posted In: Intersectionality, Medicine, Work and Organizations
Even though we have just elected our first woman Vice President, women have yet to get a fair shake in the workplace. Or in the world, really. But here I’m going to focus on the workplace.
Oct 5 2020 | Posted In: Activism, Feminism, Intersectionality
In a wide-ranging conversation hosted as part of the Clayman Conversations series, three scholars of gender and sexuality set out to think through the politics of trans exclusion, but ended up thinking through the energy and wonder of a trans inclusive feminism.