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Gender News Articles: Medicine

photo of Luz
Jun 10 2019 | Posted In: Academia, Art and Literature, Diversity and Inclusion, Medicine, Sexual Assault
The Clayman Institute announced the winners of this year’s Marilyn Yalom Prize and the Marjorie Lozoff Prize in May.
Gary Darmstadt
May 11 2018 | Posted In: Medicine, Unconscious Bias
“Rigid gender norms and gender inequalities drive ill health for women, men, girls and boys, and contribute to poverty,” Gary Darmstadt observed in his Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellows presentation, “Investigating relationships between gender norms and health.”
black female doctor looking at white patient
Jun 9 2017 | Posted In: Academia, Diversity and Inclusion, Medicine, Unconscious Bias, Work and Organizations
Professional jobs provide different opportunities in the new, twenty-first century economy than they did in previous decades. In her recent talk co-sponsored by the Clayman Institute and the Sociology Department’s Migration, Race, Ethnicity, and Nation Workshop, Adia Harvey Wingfield, Professor of...
Nov 17 2015 | Posted In: Feminism, Leadership, Medicine, Work and Organizations
When interviewed about the impact of family commitments on her surgical career, one woman shared a colorful story about practicing surgery while pregnant. Late in her pregnancy, in the middle of performing emergency surgery, she experienced her first contractions. However, rather than stopping the...
Aug 12 2015 | Posted In: Academia, Diversity and Inclusion, Intersectionality, Medicine, Unconscious Bias
We all know the popular stereotypes of what happens to adults as they advance in age: they become less competent, are often seen as less “feminine” or less “masculine” to the point of being androgynous or even asexual, and they become grumpy and discontent. Yet, research by Stanford professor of...