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Taylor Orth Wins 2019 Myra Strober Prize

photo of Orth
Aug 26 2019

Congratulations to Clayman Institute Graduate Dissertation Fellow Taylor Orth for winning the 2019 Myra Strober Prize. Orth earned the prize for her Gender News article, “How Diversity Messaging Can Undermine Women in the Workplace,” about Faculty Research Fellow Ashley Martin’s research on “diversity ideologies.” The award comes with a prize of $1,500.

The Myra Strober Prize honors a Gender News article written by a Stanford graduate or undergraduate student, taking into consideration the article's quality  and its readership or page views.  The annual prize highlights news articles about women’s education, work, family, or the nexus of work and family. 

Myra Strober is a labor economist and Professor at the School of Education, Emerita, and at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University (by courtesy). Myra was the founding director of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research (then the Center for Research on Women).

Orth is a doctoral candidate in sociology researching family, gender, and care work. Her research employs demographic and experimental methods to understand social and economic mechanisms which contribute to gender inequality in the family and the labor market. More specifically, Orth's dissertation focuses on the causes and implications of the uneven gender division of care work, highlighting the importance of demand-side forces that constrain men’s involvement in childcare and reproduce women's place as marginal workers in the labor force.


A gender lens
exposes gaps in knowledge,
identifies root causes of barriers,
and proposes workable solutions.