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Gender News Articles: Unconscious Bias

Shelley Correll and Sapna Cheryan
Mar 10 2017 | Posted In: Academia, Technology, Unconscious Bias, Work and Organizations
A recent forum organized by the Center for the Advanced Study of the Behavioral Sciences took an innovative view of barriers to women’s advancement in tech. Two professors with long-standing research projects in the field, Shelley Correll and Sapna Cheryan, explored the role that stereotypes play...
Feb 13 2017 | Posted In: Feminism, History, Intersectionality, Jing Lyman Lecture, Sexual Assault, Unconscious Bias
Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. Kimberlé Crenshaw showed their familiar images to a packed audience at Cubberley Auditorium early last October at the annual Jing Lyman Lecture. The crowd was told to “stay standing” if they knew the person behind the name. 
Mar 9 2016 | Posted In: Mentorship, Unconscious Bias, Work and Organizations
Silicon Valley companies help solve the world’s most difficult and complex problems. Yet the puzzle of how to make high tech more inclusive and welcoming to diverse talent remains unsolved. In technology, women are 3.7 percent of R&D Executives, less than 5 percent of Principal Engineers/...
Dec 14 2015 | Posted In: Academia, Unconscious Bias
“Raise your voice!” We’re often encouraged to speak up and speak out, to make our voices heard. But what happens when the voice itself becomes a source of unconscious bias? Meghan Sumner, associate professor of linguistics at Stanford and former Clayman Institute faculty research fellow, provides...
Aug 12 2015 | Posted In: Academia, Diversity and Inclusion, Intersectionality, Medicine, Unconscious Bias
We all know the popular stereotypes of what happens to adults as they advance in age: they become less competent, are often seen as less “feminine” or less “masculine” to the point of being androgynous or even asexual, and they become grumpy and discontent. Yet, research by Stanford professor of...