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Gender News Articles: Unconscious Bias

Jun 5 2013 | Posted In: Diversity and Inclusion, Unconscious Bias
Could moving from the inner city to the suburbs change a person's race? Most people would say no, but new research finds that as someone’s social status changes, others actually “see” the person's race differently.
Mar 18 2013 | Posted In: Feminism, Unconscious Bias, Work and Organizations
“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” We’ve all heard it. The adage contains more than a kernel of truth, particularly at a time when firms receive hundreds of applications for a single position. But, according to sociologist Lindsey Trimble, networking may not be equally advantageous for...
Aug 1 2012 | Posted In: Leadership, Unconscious Bias, Work and Organizations
Popular beliefs about work-family issues characterize working moms as having a divided focus on home and work - they are therefore seen as less competent, less committed, and, as a result, less worthy of employment and promotion than men or childless women.
May 31 2012 | Posted In: Academia, Activism, Art and Literature, Unconscious Bias
Men and women of all ages packed into Stanford’s Cubberly Auditorium for a documentary film and panel discussion.  This was no ordinary documentary.  The audience did not passively view the film; instead, they were engaged in learning more and taking action. Written and directed by Jennifer Siebel...
Sep 5 2011 | Posted In: Activism, Unconscious Bias
In September 2008, a picture of a serious looking Michelle Obama appeared on the cover of Radar Magazine above the tag line, “What’s So Scary About Michelle Obama?”  The accompanying article described as, “An Insider’s Guide to America’s Next First Lady,” provided a list of FAQs and answers like,“...