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Gender News articles

Jan 26 2021
In a recent presentation to Faculty Research Fellows, Stanford Art Historian and interim Chair of the Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program Richard Meyer shared an excerpt of his work on Morris Hirshfield, a Brooklyn tailor and slipper maker who achieved international recognition as a...
Jan 21 2021
During her tenure as director of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender -- what is now the Clayman Institute for Gender Research -- Stanford Law Professor Deborah L. Rhode made her mark not only on the focus of the Institute, but on the status of women faculty at Stanford and on the name of...
Jan 21 2021
Even though we have just elected our first woman Vice President, women have yet to get a fair shake in the workplace. Or in the world, really. But here I’m going to focus on the workplace.
Nov 5 2020
Yumi Moon, associate professor of history, recently conducted research into the print media of colonial Korea, examining the popularity and reception of American Hollywood films among Koreans and Japanese settlers. The topic, she argues, highlights shortcomings in existing narratives of colonial...
Nov 5 2020
“Why do we still have battles about whether sex differences in the human brain exist because of biology or sociocultural factors - nature versus nurture? Why don’t we acknowledge that culture and experience change how each unique brain develops from conception through our lives?” Marcia L.
Oct 5 2020
In a wide-ranging conversation hosted as part of the Clayman Conversations series, three scholars of gender and sexuality set out to think through the politics of trans exclusion, but ended up thinking through the energy and wonder of a trans inclusive feminism.
Sep 28 2020
"The administration here [at Stanford] has long suggested that it values African and African American Studies, but that it can demonstrate this valuing without departmentalizing AAAS," states Clayman Institute Director Adrian Daub. "We at Clayman think that this got it backwards - that valuing...
Sep 28 2020
“Data Science is an exploding field, and those learning the skills will be in powerful positions to effect change in the world,” asserts Tanya LaMar, PhD candidate in the Stanford School of Education and awardee of this year’s Marjorie Lozoff Prize.
Sep 28 2020
The Susan Heck Summer Student Internship is designed for Stanford undergraduates, teaching them about gender and gender research, funding their own gender-related research projects, providing mentoring by Institute PhDs, and including them in the Institute community over the duration of the summer...
Aug 20 2020
“The internet is just one part of society, and why should it be an empty room where those power structures of gender, and in general the patriarchy -- why should these not apply?” asks Nhi Le, a German journalist and researcher. “If you’re a female journalist online, you can get attacked in so many...


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