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Gender News articles

Feb 11 2014
When asked about the difficulties of breaking into the fraternity of Kerouac and Ginsberg as a woman, Diane di Prima took almost no time to formulate an answer, matter-of-factly declaring, “I wasn’t a woman; I was a beatnik.” 
Feb 3 2014
A woman’s road to the c-suite is full of hurdles. Her input in a meeting is ignored. She negotiates skillfully, and she's told she’s full of herself.  While these roadblocks may feel like personal criticisms, they don’t have to, according to legal scholar Joan C. Williams.
Jan 6 2014
When many people think of the Black Panther Party today, the image that comes to mind is male-centered and violent: a powerful man wearing the Panther’s signature black beret, with gun prominently in hand. This image has been seared into the collective conscious and appears on thousands of posters...
Jan 2 2014
As a former firefighter, Andrea Rees Davies is a master of getting the job done under pressure, as well as navigating and negotiating any situation with myraid conditions and players. This work, in conjunction with her illustrious academic career as a historian and director of research and programs...
Dec 9 2013
Debora Spar is many things: She’s the president of Barnard College. She was among the youngest women to earn tenure at the Harvard Business School. She is the author of six books. She is the mother to three children. By all accounts, Spar is a feminist success story. Yet she also is a self-...
Dec 3 2013
In 1969, a feminist group called the Redstockings published a manifesto on women’s liberation. In it, they emphasized the importance of women coming together and discussing the particular obstacles they faced on account of their gender. They called this process “female consciousness-raising,” and...
Dec 2 2013
In the breadwinner-and-homemaker family, there was a clear division of labor, with men concentrating on work outside the home and women on family. But since the 1960s, when this family form began to break down, many have sought both satisfying paid work and rewarding family relationships. In the...
Nov 18 2013
What’s your number one challenge? For most people, the answer to this question is that they don’t have enough time. They have too many goals and not enough time to do them.
Nov 15 2013
Overworked? Overwhelmed? You're not alone. Seventy percent of employed Americans say work interferes with their non-work lives. Over half feel they don’t have enough time with their children or spouses. This isn’t just one group: it’s mothers, fathers, married workers, singles, Boomers, GenXers,...
Nov 14 2013
AMC’s hit show Mad Men has received widespread critical acclaim, in part, for its depiction of changing social mores surrounding gender, work, and family. Set in the 1960s, three-martini lunches, overt sexual harassment, and stay-at-home wives are the norm. The workplace sure has changed…or has it?


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