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Gender News articles

May 29 2014
Which motto most closely reflects your behavior during group discussions?  (a) The squeaky wheel gets the grease  (b) The duck that quacks the loudest gets shot  Your answer may depend on your background and upbringing.  If you were discouraged from standing out, or taught to be interdependent, the...
May 27 2014
Two years ago, Bill Gates famously proclaimed that he didn’t understand how anyone could donate money “to build a new wing for a museum rather than spend it on preventing illnesses that can lead to blindness.” Such frivolity, he suggested, was morally equivalent to blinding one percent of the...
May 19 2014
Perhaps nowhere is the stalled gender revolution more apparent than in the executive and leadership ranks of business, government and education. For the past thirty years, women have surpassed their male peers in earning undergraduate degrees, according to the National Center for Education...
May 15 2014
Can taking a selfie be a feminist act? The answer to this question, according to Stanford professor Peggy Phelan, lies at the intersection of feminist art and photography.
May 7 2014
When Kenji Yoshino began his first job as a law professor, he was openly gay and wrote about sexual orientation and constitutional rights. One day, a colleague pulled him aside and advised him that he had a much better chance of getting tenure as a “homosexual professional” than as a “professional...
Apr 10 2014
In 1980, women held about 25 percent of management positions in the U.S.—a figure that increased to nearly 40 percent by 2012. As women become more visible in these high-status occupations, gender bias will lessen for all women—right? For example, women will be seen as more competent and more...
Mar 20 2014
Can pornography be political? Can it be anti-racist? Maybe even feminist? Film scholar Celine Parreñas Shimizu answers with a resounding YES. At a Stanford talk, Shimizu argued that feminist porn is not only possible, but it is also a genre that challenges and electrifies typical, mainstream...
Mar 17 2014
You might take for granted that your doctor considers your gender and sex when assessing your health or recommending treatments. But as recently as twenty-five years ago, medical research and health care decisions were rarely viewed through the lens of gender. Iris Litt, M.D. pediatric physician...
Mar 13 2014
“Stand up if you are the first person in your family to graduate from college!”  The year is 2034, as imagined in sociologist Marianne Cooper’s visionary essay for The Shriver Report. A fictional young woman named Antonia rises to her feet. In the audience, Antonia’s six-year-old son is cheering. 
Mar 3 2014
Four male academic leaders were joined by a female peer during a lively panel held Feb. 26. Since women hold 22 percent of tenured faculty positions at Stanford, this ratio might appear unremarkable. However, the topic of discussion, gender equity, made this lineup noteworthy. Organized by the...


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