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Gender News articles

Jun 1 2011
Asked to picture a computer programmer, most of us describe the archetypal computer geek, a brilliant but socially-awkward male. We imagine him as a largely noctural creature, passing sleepless nights writing computer code. According to workplace researchers, this stereotype of the lone male...
Mar 7 2011
For the past twenty years, scholars have referred to a “stall” in the movement toward gender equality. Various measures of gender equality—for example, the gender gap in wages, the total percentage of women in the paid labor force, and the percentage of women in male-dominated occupations—have...
Feb 28 2011
A few years ago English professor, Michele Elam, noticed something curious in her introduction to feminist studies class – very few of her forty students felt comfortable using the word feminism, and still fewer identified themselves as feminists.  Despite being interested in gender equality, it...
Feb 24 2011
Motherhood costs working women about a five percent per child wage penalty. This “motherhood penalty” in the American job market is well documented. Not only do mothers earn less than similarly-qualified women without children, but they also face discrimination in hiring and promotion.
Feb 14 2011
Women earned only 18% of all Computer Science degrees and made up less than 25% of the workers in engineering- and computer-related fields in 2009.
Feb 7 2011
Talking with Susan Krieger is reminiscent of reading her prose – her manner is effortlessly open, generous, and wise.
Jan 31 2011
In 1990, Professor Deborah L. Rhode identified what she called the “No-Problem Problem.” Despite the persistent issues of sexual violence, political and economic inequality, work force segregation, and inequitable division of household labor, the gender revolution seemed to be stuck and activism on...
Jan 23 2011
Katha Pollitt, the award-winning writer for The Nation, is one of the most popular and widely read feminist pundits in the country.  In her regular “Subject to Debate” column, which the Washington Post hailed as “the best place to go for original thinking on the Left,” Pollitt tackles with humor...
Jan 17 2011
In 1980, four years after she arrived on campus as an assistant professor, Estelle B. Freedman co-founded Stanford University’s Program in Feminist Studies. Thirty years later, the program boasts faculty from twenty-seven different academic disciplines and its courses draw students from around the...
Dec 1 2010
Join us in celebrating the new year with the Winter 2011 Series: Moving Beyond the Stalled Revolution. This series will provide new insights into the barriers to women's advancement and propose novel and workable solutions to advancing gender equality.


A gender lens
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