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Gender News articles

Aug 23 2021
The Clayman Institute is pleased to welcome Margarita Lila Rosa as a researcher. This summer, her work will be documenting and analyzing contemporary abolitionist movements, mutual-aid projects, and bail projects in Brazil and the United States, in a project titled, “Black Femme Abolitionist...
Aug 17 2021
Summary: The transition to virtual workspaces in the pandemic has exacerbated gender inequality. Gender may condition on-screen presence and storytelling, but calibrated ownership of both can enhance trust and influence across difference and distance. Strangers before the pandemic, two women...
Jul 19 2021
When I was applying to medical school, there was a sense of optimism about progress towards gender equity in medicine. The percentage of women in medical school had been gradually increasing, and there were rumors that a few medical schools were on the verge of having entering classes with 50...
Jun 8 2021
 Historian Paula Findlen’s latest project on women and academia in early modern Italy began with an impossible footnote. Findlen, a Clayman Institute faculty research fellow and the Ubaldo Pierotti Professor of History, found herself struggling to summarize conflicting accounts of women professors...
Jun 3 2021
In his 1960 book Critique of Dialectical Reason, French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre coined the term seriality to describe social relations in modern society.
Jun 3 2021
Arghavan Salles is a part-time senior research scholar for the Clayman Institute. Her research focuses broadly on gender equity, implicit bias, diversity, inclusion and physician well-being. During the pandemic, Salles has served as a disaster relief physician, caring for patients with COVID in the...
Jun 3 2021
In 2019, for the first time more women than men enrolled in medical schools in the United States, with 50.5% of new students being women. However, as Faculty Research Fellow Jessica Gold pointed out, “equality of numbers does not equal equity” –  gender disparities remain in academic medicine.
May 13 2021
We, the Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research, congratulate the students, faculty, and staff who have successfully organized for AAAS departmentalization at Stanford. We respectfully uplift those committed individuals who have advanced departmentalization efforts on campus both recently...
Apr 21 2021
“Our life started and ended with reading books,” said Irv Yalom of Marilyn Yalom, his wife of 65 years. “I can never forget her.”
Apr 20 2021
Following the murders on March 16, 2021 of eight people in Asian massage parlors in Atlanta, six of them Asian women, media coverage often focused on questions about the individuals. Were the women sex workers? Were they victims of trafficking? What were the motives of the young white male shooter?


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