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Gender News articles

Apr 15 2013
What would the world look like if 50 percent of our institutions were run by women and 50 percent of our homes were run by men? Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg can’t claim it would be utopia with “flowers and guitar playing.” But here’s what she does know: Our companies would be more productive. “When...
Apr 11 2013
Since the 1970s, the percentage of women musicians in orchestras has risen from 5 percent to 25 percent. What changed?  Did orchestras begin aggressively recruiting women?  Did more women start studying music?  Did sexist audition evaluators retire?  Turns out it was as simple as auditioning...
Mar 23 2013
Filming online education videos typically involves placing a camera at the back of a noisy lecture hall and taping a professor giving a fifty-minute lecture. The resulting product offers little intimacy between the online viewer and the professor.
Mar 18 2013
“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” We’ve all heard it. The adage contains more than a kernel of truth, particularly at a time when firms receive hundreds of applications for a single position. But, according to sociologist Lindsey Trimble, networking may not be equally advantageous for...
Mar 15 2013
“I have access to amazing resources,” explains Rosie Roca, a student at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. The list of what she is learning at business school is long: from financial management to negotiation to forming professional communities. Roca is grateful for her GSB education. She is...
Mar 13 2013
(CNN) -- The recent decision by Yahoo's chief executive to drop the company's work from home policy makes sense, doesn't it? Plenty of people believe that if you aren't in the office, you aren't working; if you aren't clocking face time with bosses and co-workers, you aren't fully committed, and...
Mar 12 2013
Many people think the feminist movement is solely concerned with women, women’s issues, and women’s problems. Actually, everyone stands to benefit from gender equality – and men’s commitment to the movement is needed to achieve real and lasting social change.
Mar 6 2013
Online education in 2013 is exciting. In this era of massive open online education, it’s possible to bring world-class education to anybody with an internet connection. Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research aims to do just that, with an online curriculum called Voice & Influence. The...
Jan 17 2013
We think of them engraved on urns. Sculpted in white marble. Crowned with laurel wreaths. Wrapped in togas. Anything but feeling human beings. 
Jan 15 2013
We are living in a new economy. The core of our economic system has shifted from manufacturing to a focus on service occupations and high-tech, intellectual capital. As part of this shift, more women have moved out of the house and into the workforce. We all know that work itself is different. But...


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