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Gender News articles

Apr 19 2021
Machine learning relies on “training” an algorithm on texts and then producing their intended output, which vary from algorithm to algorithm. Professor James Zou notes that a problem arises when the texts used to train artificial intelligence (AI) systems contain racial and gender biases. In a...
Apr 19 2021
In an event featuring her newest book, the short story collection Bread and Salt, Valerie Miner shared both her work and her thoughts on process, form, the power of characters, and the idea of salvage in a lively question-and-answer session following the reading of two stories. The event was part...
Apr 19 2021
Ought people speak for others who come from a different and less privileged social group? For instance, ought men speak for women? Wendy Salkin, assistant professor of philosophy and, by courtesy, of law, posed these questions during a recent talk for the Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellows...
Mar 29 2021
In a social world that is increasingly collapsing the barriers between the online and the offline, novelist and literary critic Lauren Oyler wants to ask the question, “How real is the internet?”
Mar 19 2021
On March 16, a white gunman opened fire at three spas in the Atlanta, GA metro area, killing eight people, most of them Asian or Asian American women. The reporting and the reactions to this horrific event have illuminated the urgent need for reckoning with the ways white supremacy continues to...
Feb 16 2021
When you think about Silicon Valley, what concepts come to your mind? “Disruption,” “genius,” and “innovation” – these are all words commonly associated with the tech industry. In What Tech Calls Thinking: An Inquiry into the Intellectual Bedrock of Silicon Valley, Adrian Daub, the director of the...
Jan 26 2021
As life during the coronavirus pandemic settles into an uneasy new normal, many are turning to art for solace and escape. Peggy Phelan, the Ann O’Day Maples Chair in the Arts and professor of theater & performance studies and English, recently presented a timely talk entitled “Feminist Art at...
Jan 26 2021
In a recent presentation to Faculty Research Fellows, Stanford Art Historian and interim Chair of the Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program Richard Meyer shared an excerpt of his work on Morris Hirshfield, a Brooklyn tailor and slipper maker who achieved international recognition as a...
Jan 21 2021
During her tenure as director of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender -- what is now the Clayman Institute for Gender Research -- Stanford Law Professor Deborah L. Rhode made her mark not only on the focus of the Institute, but on the status of women faculty at Stanford and on the name of...
Jan 21 2021
Even though we have just elected our first woman Vice President, women have yet to get a fair shake in the workplace. Or in the world, really. But here I’m going to focus on the workplace.


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