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Gender News articles

Jun 22 2020
As a mother of four young children (ages 9, 7, 4, and a 9-month-old), my pre-COVID-19 life normally encompassed a great degree of daily chaos. Whether it was getting them dressed and ready for breakfast, shuttling them off to school, picking them up from different extracurricular activities, or...
Jun 4 2020
I’ve always felt queasy when strangers ask me “What do you do?”  Call me a literalist, but my immediate instinct is to silently respond: “What you really mean is ‘What do you do that is monetized’, right?
Jun 3 2020
Since March 2020, over 33 million people in the United State have filed jobless claims. When 42 states required all but essential workers to stay home, mass furloughs and layoffs ensued and unemployment surged from 4.4% to 14.7%.
Apr 27 2020
In a forthcoming book co-written with B.R. George of Carnegie Mellon University, Philosophy Professor Ray Briggs interrogates the philosophical assumptions contained within the category of “gender identity.” They examine the impact of those assumptions – both positive and negative – on the lived...
Apr 27 2020
Dr. Pamela Kunz, associate professor of medicine/oncology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, spends her time in both patient care and research, specializing in the treatment of gastrointestinal cancers and neuroendocrine tumors. Recently, she has turned her research skills onto her own...
Apr 27 2020
As a young adult, Diamond Collier was fired from two different jobs.    “I was in a situation where I had custody of my [younger] brother, I was working, and I was fired from a job because I was trans,” Collier said. “Got another job. Fired from it because I was trans. Here in California, you have...
Feb 24 2020
An exploration of artificial intelligence and musical composition may seem like a modern question, but Dr. Patricia Alessandrini found the beginnings of the idea in the 19th century. “Ada Lovelace is credited with the first published imaginings of AI-assisted composition,” Alessandrini said. She...
Jan 29 2020
One of the most pressing issues for graduate students at Stanford is the rising cost of dependent health care. Between 2013 and 2019, the monthly premium to insure a dependent spouse and two children increased by 80 percent, from $496/month to $893/month. Most graduate students’ stipends place a...
Jan 27 2020
In Susan Fisk’s current sociology research, she has partnered with colleagues in computer science to look at how “lightweight interventions” can increase the number of women in computer science. In describing one such intervention – asking professors to email positive feedback to their students...
Jan 27 2020
Women are gathered around a table in a small tea room. They tell jokes, and laugh with ease. They share cake in celebration of their birthdays and children’s graduation. Yet this is no ordinary meeting of friends. These women wash, recite over, and shroud the deceased. Beyond the walls that shelter...


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