Elizabeth Garfield

Founding Partner, Holguin, Garfield, Martinez & Quinonez

Beth received a B.A. from Stanford in ‘74 and law degree from the University of Michigan Law School in ‘77. While at Stanford, she was president of the Associated Students of Stanford and was one of the founders of the Center for Research on Women, now the Clayman Institute for Gender Research.  She is currently one of the Campaign Co-Chairs for her Stanford 50threunion.


She was a founding partner of Holguin, Garfield, Martinez & Goldberg, a law firm in Los Angeles specializing in the representation of unions. During her career, Beth represented clerical workers, homecare workers, firefighters, electricians, longshore workers, transit workers, port pilots, teachers and other workers in both the private and public sector.  She has also served as an elected member and President of the Los Angeles Community College Board.  


Beth is Co-Director of the LA Senior Program of Minds Matter Southern California, which provides a competitive three-year mentoring program on Saturdays that prepares high achieving, low-income high school students for college success.  She is also on the Board of Directors of A Community of Friends, a non-profit organization that builds housing and provides on-site supportive services for people who were formerly unhoused.