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Valerie Miner

Valerie Miner


Valerie Miner is the award-winning author of fourteen books and co-author of four others. Her novels include After Eden, Range of Light, A Walking Fire, Winter's Edge, Blood Sisters, All Good Women, Movement: A Novel in Stories, and Murder in the English Department. Her short fiction books include Abundant Light, The Night Singers and Trespassing. Her collection of essays is Rumors from the Cauldron: Selected Essays, Reviews and Reportage.

Valerie Miner's work has appeared in The Georgia Review, Salmagundi, New Letters, Ploughshares, The Village Voice, Prairie Schooner, The Gettysburg Review, Conditions, The T.L.S., The Women's Review of Books, The Nation and other journals. Her stories and essays are published in more than sixty anthologies. Her collaborative work includes books, museum exhibits as well as theatre.

She has won fellowships and awards from The Rockefeller Foundation, The McKnight Foundation, The NEA, The Jerome Foundation, The Heinz Foundation, The Australia Council Literary Arts Board and numerous other sources. She has had Fulbright Fellowships to Tunisia and India. She has taught for over twenty-five years and won a Distinguished Teaching Award in 1999 from the University of Minnesota. She travels internationally giving readings, lectures and workshops.

Valerie Miner is now an artist-in-residence at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, and a professor at Stanford University, contributing to the Feminist Studies Program and English Department. Her web site is Her latest book, Traveling with Spirits was published in fall 2013.

Books by Valerie

Traveling with Spirits, Livingston Press,

After Eden, a novel, current press: University of Oklahoma Press (

Abundant Light: Short Fiction, current press: Michigan State University Press (

The Low Road: A Scottish Family Memoir, current press: Michigan State University Press

A Walking Fire, a novel, current press: State University of New York Press (

Trespassing and Other Stories, current press: Michigan State University Press (

Blood Sisters, a novel current press: Michigan State University Press (

Winter’s Edge, a novel, current press: The Feminist Press (

Range of Light, a novel, originally published by Zoland Books

Murder in the English Department, a novel, originally published by St. Martin’s Press

All Good Women, a novel, formerly published by Methuen Press

Movement: A Novel in Stories, formerly published by Methuen Press

Rumors from the Cauldron: Selected Essays Reviews and Reportage, originally published by the University of Michigan Press.

Recent Short Stories

"The Night Singers", Short Stories, originally published by Five Leaves Press 

“Under Stars,” in Michigan Quarterly Review, Fall, 2014

"Something in the Way She Knows", short story, in Delmarva Review

"Far Enough", short story, in Five Points

"Long Distance", short story, in Grey Sparrow

Recent Reviews

Jean Thompson, The Witch, San Francisco Chronicle, 2 October, 2014

Tessa Hadley, Clever Girl, The Women’s Review of Books, September/October, 2014

Stuart Dybek, Paper Lantern and Ecstatic Cahoots, San Francisco Chronicle, 13 July, 2014

Lisa See, China Dolls, The Los Angeles Times, 8 June, 2014,

Jhumpa Lahiri, The Lowland, The Women’s Review of Books, March/April 2014

Recent Paper

“Adapting from, to and with Shakespeare in Contemporary Fiction,” Shakespeare Association of America Conference, St. Louis, 12 April, 2014