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Wendy Skidmore

Photo of Wendy Skidmore, Fellowship Manager

Wendy Skidmore

Fellowship Manager

A team member of the Clayman Institute since 2012, Fellowship Manager Wendy Skidmore oversees programs for faculty, postdocs and graduate students. She manages annual fellowship application processes, from submissions and reviews to the final selection of candidates recognized for their contributions to expanding gender research, and she on-boards new postdocs and graduate students, establishing the Clayman Institute as a welcoming base for their launch into successful academic careers.

Wendy collaborates with the postdocs to produce the graduate Voice & Influence Program, a VPGE-sponsored initiative that empowers a select cohort of elite women graduate students through early-career leadership training each academic year, which both fosters and supports gender research across Stanford’s schools. Her management of the Senior Scholars and graduate student prizes further enhances the reach of gender scholarship.

Wendy received her BA in Social Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley, followed by 15 years in marketing communications for high-tech startups.