Current Projects

Under the direction of Adrian Daub, the Clayman Institute continues to incorporate Stanford students and fellows into our research initiatives, a priority of his as director and a longstanding goal of the Institute. We bring together faculty, postdoctoral fellows, professional scholars, graduate students, and undergraduate students to collaborate on projects and share new research ideas.

At the Clayman Institute, an interdisciplinary approach is represented by researchers from different disciplines working collaboratively together: they share a common goal and resources, make decisions in a team, but approaches differ, and thus enrich each other. This is exactly what the Clayman Institute for Gender Research practices and values. During the academic year 2022-23, the Clayman Institute comprises scholars from six disciplines: feminist and gender studies, German studies, history, literature, psychology, and social sciences.

Our current in-house projects include research about gender-based violence, #MeToo, historical remembrance, sexuality, the intergenerational transmission of knowledge, and broadly, the ongoing nature of gender and interrelated inequalities.

As part of current research projects, the Clayman Institute seeks participants for two interview studies. Please contact us, in case you are interested in joining.

Participate in research on COVID-19

You are invited to participate in a US-based study about home life during COVID-19.

  • Participants will be interviewed for 60-90 minutes.
  • Participants will be compensated with a $50 gift card.
  • Everything you tell us will be anonymized.

Interested? Scan the QR code or click on this link to check your eligibility.

NDA study: Research participation opportunity


Did you experience and report workplace sexual harassment and/or discrimination? Did your employer require you to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

You are invited to participate in an NDA study by the Stanford Clayman Institute for Gender Research.

$50 compensation for a 90 minute confidential interview. 

If interested, contact us at

ndaresearchstudy2023 [at]