Current Projects

Under the direction of Adrian Daub, the Clayman Institute continues to incorporate Stanford students and fellows into our research initiatives, a priority of his as director and a longstanding goal of the Institute. We bring together faculty, postdoctoral fellows, professional scholars, graduate students, and undergraduate students to collaborate on projects and share new research ideas.

At the Clayman Institute, an interdisciplinary approach is represented by researchers from different disciplines working collaboratively together: they share a common goal and resources, make decisions in a team, but approaches differ, and thus enrich each other. This is exactly what the Clayman Institute for Gender Research practices and values. During the academic year 2022-23, the Clayman Institute comprises scholars from six disciplines: feminist and gender studies, German studies, history, literature, psychology, and social sciences.

Our in-house projects focus on intersectional inequalities, gender-based violence, and intersectional feminism. Examples of current research topics include #MeToo and how the disclosure of sexual violence by public figures shapes how individuals understand their own experiences and, in some case, galvanize them toward activism. A related study examines social media comments about a high-profile defamation case and subsequent backlash to feminism and #MeToo. Another study examines workplace harassment and how legal mechanisms such as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Arbitration Agreements silence survivors and, in some cases, embolden perpetrators. One study observes how COVID-19 impacted experiences of domestic violence and the services survivors seek. Finally, another project studies the continuity of the feminist movement and the intersectional activism that has propelled the feminist movement over the last forty years. Additional projects include those at the intersection of gender/race/sexuality. 

As part of current research projects, the Clayman Institute seeks participants for one interview study. Please contact us, in case you are interested in joining

Study on Non-Disclosure Agreements and Forced Arbitration

Have you experienced and reported workplace sexual harassment and/or other forms of discrimination? Did your employer require you to attend arbitration or sign an NDA?  If so, contact us!

All interviews are strictly confidential and can take place online or in person. All people eligible receive up to $ 50 gift card.

ndaresearchstudy2023 [at] (ndaresearchstudy[at]stanford[dot]edu)