Carla Shatz

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Carla Shatz
Director, Bio-X
Professor, Biology
Professor, Neurobiology

Carla Shatz is the Director of Bio-X, as well as a Professor of Biology and Neurobiology, in the School of Humanities and Sciences. She received her B.A. in Chemistry from Radcliffe College, and went on to earn several other degrees, including her Ph.D in Neurobiology from Harvard University. She has also received numerous honors and awards, the latest of which is the Gill Prize in Neuroscience from Indiana University.

Dr. Shatz' research interests include: working to discover cellular and molecular mechanisms that transform early fetal and neonatal brain circuits into mature connections, and in particular to determine the extent to which neural function during critical periods of development is needed for these circuits to tune up into adult patterns of connectivity.

Further information is available from her website and Lab's website.