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upRising is the annual research magazine of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research. upRising identifies some of the best research articles from our bimonthly enewsletter Gender News and weaves them together to address bigger questions.

upRising 2013 cover


Volume Three is all about rethinking. We invite you to rethink all kinds of things: from time, to care work, to the "ideal worker." The publication includes sections on:

  • Rethinking work
  • Rethinking work-life fit
  • Rethinking masculinity

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upRising Vol 2 cover

Volume Two addresses the following questions: 

  • Can workplaces be redesigned for the new frontiers of work?
  • Are women hardwired for math and science?
  • Where are the feminist activists?
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upRising Vol 1 cover

 Volume One tackles two important conversations related to the stalled revolution:

• Why aren’t more women in high-tech?
• What obstacles prevent women from entering leadership roles?
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