Since 1974, the Clayman Institute for Gender Research has been committed to making the future feminist.

The Institute empowers students and scholars in three key ways. We conduct and invest in intersectional gender research;  mentor students through fellowships and internships; and inspire, translate and amplify gender scholarship. More about us

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Oct. 12 event: Criminalizing Pregnancy

Pregnant people can be blamed, investigated, and criminally punished for pregnancy outcomes, including miscarriage. How can we work toward a future where reproduction and bodily sovereignty are safer for all? 

In bed with the right

New podcast with hosts Moira Donegan, Adrian Daub

New podcast! In Bed With the Right welcomes a range of scholars and critics to analyze right wing ideas about gender, sex, and sexuality – and to plumb the ways in which these ideas persist in and shape our present moment


New episodes of The Feminist Present

New episodes! Covering television to horror movies to novels, The Feminist Present podcast returns. With more than 40 episodes, binge our back catalog and stay tuned for new interviews with creators by hosts Laura Goode and Adrian Daub 

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At a moment of intense global crisis, the Clayman Institute offers an ideal model of an inclusive, diverse, and generative environment that should be the standard in academia.
Faculty Research Fellows Lunch with Marci Kwon
Marci Kwon, Art and Art History
Faculty Research Fellow

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