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five Institute fellows seated at table

Since 1974, the Clayman Institute for Gender Research has been committed to making the future feminist.

The Institute empowers students and scholars in three key ways:

  • Conduct and invest in intersectional gender research
  • Mentor students through fellowships and internships
  • Inspire, translate and amplify gender scholarship

What's New

Clayman Conversations presents: Anti-abortion movements

Access to safe and legal abortion is rapidly declining across the U.S., and gains made by reproductive justice advocates are eroding. With Roe v. Wade hanging in the balance, anti-choice organizers are continuing to gain momentum at federal and local levels. In this Clayman Conversations event, speakers will address the gender and racial dimensions of the fight for reproductive justice. What are the racial dimensions of anti-abortion organizing, reproductive justice, and the fight for Roe v. Wade? Why has the far right used abortion as a battering ram in the U.S., and what might be the outcomes of this strategy? View video of the Oct. 5 event on our YouTube channel.

Anti-abortion movements and the future of Roe v. Wade
Silenced: How America's love affair with the NDA protects workplace predators

Clayman Conversations presents Silenced

Non-disclosure agreements can silence survivors of sexual harassment an uphold racist and sexist hierarchies. Straying from the original function to protect trade secrets, NDAs are often used to shield powerful men from accountability.
Gina Sanchez

Susan Heck Summer Interns

Undergraduate interns worked on a gender research project of their choosing that focuses on an underserved population. From Gender 101 to mentoring, they gained experience and found home as researchers.
Margarita Rosa

Q&A with gender researcher

Margarita Lila Rosa conducted research with the Clayman Institute this summer as part of her work on documenting and analyzing contemporary abolitionist movements, mutual-aid projects, and bail projects in Brazil and the United States.

47 Years of Gender Research

photo of Donegan, Daub, Dionne outside Attneave House

Clayman Conversations

This event series, launched in 2019 by Director Adrian Daub, features feminist leaders who are driving timely conversations in their fields.
photo of Amara Tabor-Smith

Artist's Salon

In the Artist's Salon series, artists from a wide array of disciplines explore how the arts contribute to the larger mission of gender equality and research.
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Podcast: The Feminist Present

Hosts Adrian Daub and Laura Goode use the gift of feminism to figure out what's going on right now. Listen and subscribe to the third season.

Media Mentions

Quoted in "Which of These 4 Family Policies Deserves Top Priority?"

Postdoctoral Fellow
Oct 13 2021

Perspective: Government funding is critical to raise wages for child-care workers

Former Graduate Dissertation Fellow
Oct 12 2021
T logo

Quoted in "A Medical Career, at a Cost: Infertility"

Senior Research Scholar
Sep 13 2021

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