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Since 1974, the Clayman Institute for Gender Research has been committed to making the future feminist.

The Institute empowers students and scholars in three key ways:

  • Conduct and invest in intersectional gender research
  • Mentor students through fellowships and internships
  • Inspire, translate and amplify gender scholarship

What's New

Clayman Institute statement on recent anti-AAPI violence

On March 16, a white gunman opened fire at three spas in the Atlanta, GA metro area, killing eight people, most of them Asian or Asian American women. The reporting and the reactions to this horrific event have illuminated the urgent need for reckoning with the ways white supremacy continues to victimize Asian Americans through tokenization, erasure, and objectification, which escalate too easily into incidents of chilling racialized and sexualized violence.

Stanford Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research
photo of Joy Wu

Pandemic and inequities in academic medicine

Dr. Joy Wu writes of gender inequalities enhanced by the pandemic, as well as opportunities to intervene with long-range solutions such as flexible funding for childcare, support for grant and manuscript writing, and more.
photos of Briggs and Coleman

Telling stories: Building presence, power, trust

Strangers before the pandemic, two women educators overcome these constraints. While gender may condition on-screen presence and storytelling, calibrated ownership of both can enhance trust and influence across difference and distance.
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On (non)descriptive representation

Ought people speak for others who come from a different and less privileged social group? For instance, ought men speak for women? Faculty Fellow Wendy Salkin shared a recent talk titled "Why Should Those Who Speak for Us Be Anything Like Ua?"

47 Years of Gender Research

photo of Donegan, Daub, Dionne outside Attneave House

Clayman Conversations

This event series, launched in 2019 by Director Adrian Daub, features feminist leaders who are driving timely conversations in their fields.
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Artist's Salon

In the Artist's Salon series, artists from a wide array of disciplines explore how the arts contribute to the larger mission of gender equality and research.
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Podcast: The Feminist Present

Hosts Adrian Daub and Laura Goode use the gift of feminism to figure out what's going on right now. Listen and subscribe to the third season.

Media Mentions

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Quoted in article about women governors

Executive Director
Aug 27 2021
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Institutional imperatives for the advancement of women in medicine and science through the COVID-19 pandemic

Senior Research Scholar
Aug 24 2021
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Everyone must address anti-Black racism in health care

Senior Research Scholar
Aug 17 2021

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