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Since 1974, the Clayman Institute has been committed to conducting, investing in, and translating gender research.

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Over 40 Years of Gender Research

Breaking the Culture of Sexual Assault

Our research is conducted by an intellectually diverse group of scholars all focused on moving beyond the stalled gender revolution.

Our expert researchers expose gaps in our knowledge, identify the root causes of barriers to women's advancement, and propose workable solutions. Utilizing a gender lens enables our research teams to uncover meaningful new insights in the effort to advance gender equality.

Kimberle Crenshaw's Jing Lyman Lecture

Media Mentions

VMware grant funds the launch of Stanford's VM Women's Leadership Innovation Lab

Jun 26 2018

Allyson Hobbs and Ana Raquel Minian get a firsthand account of detention at the border.

Former Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellows
Jun 25 2018

Shelley Correll quoted in New York Times article on pregnancy discrimination

Clayman Institute Faculty Director
Jun 15 2018

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