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photo of three Susan Heck interns

Since 1974, the Clayman Institute for Gender Research has been committed to making the future feminist.

The Institute empowers students and scholars in three key ways:

  • Conduct and invest in intersectional gender research
  • Mentor students through fellowships and internships
  • Inspire, translate and amplify gender scholarship

What's New

Elizabeth Armstrong Identifies How Sexual Misconduct Policies Perpetuate Inequality

At a Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellows presentation Elizabeth Armstrong revealed how the scope and content of sexual misconduct policies can vary from one university to the next. Armstrong is gathering data about how 381 U.S. universities are defining and responding to sexual violence. 

photo of crowd of students
photo of Musto, Wynn

Institute Sociologists Share Gender Research

A number of sociologists affiliated with the Clayman Institute shared findings on gender and work, sexuality, education and feminist movements at the 114th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association.
photo of Orth

Taylor Orth Wins 2019 Myra Strober Prize

Orth earned the prize for her Gender News article, “How Diversity Messaging Can Undermine Women in the Workplace,” about Faculty Research Fellow Ashley Martin’s research on “diversity ideologies.”
photo of Adrian Daub

Daub Named Director of Clayman Institute

Adrian Daub, a Stanford professor of comparative literature and German studies in the School of Humanities and Sciences, begins his term as the Barbara D. Finberg Director on Sept. 1, 2019.

45 Years of Gender Research

photo of Crenshaw

Breaking the Culture of Sexual Assault

In a two-year symposium, the Institute launched a series of talks and discussions to address multiple facets of sexual violence in order to create best practices and novel solutions. Featuring events with Kimberlé Crenshaw (pictured) and Zerlina Maxwell.
photo of Adina Sterling speaking

Gender Equality in 2019

In this May 2019 symposium, panelists take on gender equality today, what progress has been made in the last two decades, and what barriers prevent additional change. Featuring Erin Cech, Shelley Correll, David Pedulla and Adina Sterling (pictured).

Media Mentions

photo of Julia, Sophia

Summertime at Stanford -- A Time for Two Rising Seniors to Do Gender-Related Research

Susan Heck Interns
Aug 30 2019

How to Save Your Diversity Program from an Untimely Demise

Clayman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow
Aug 5 2019

Building a Diverse Startup from Day One

Clayman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow
Jun 26 2019

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