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Media Mentions

Inside Higher Ed

Researching ‘Institutional Courage’

Faculty Research Fellow
Nov 12 2021

Quoted in "Which of These 4 Family Policies Deserves Top Priority?"

Postdoctoral Fellow
Oct 13 2021

Perspective: Government funding is critical to raise wages for child-care workers

Former Graduate Dissertation Fellow
Oct 12 2021
T logo

Quoted in "A Medical Career, at a Cost: Infertility"

Senior Research Scholar
Sep 13 2021
Forbes logo

Quoted in article about women governors

Executive Director
Aug 27 2021
Stanford Children's Health logo

"Stanford Pediatrician Answers COVID-19 Vaccine Questions"

Former Faculty Research Fellow
Aug 27 2021
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Institutional imperatives for the advancement of women in medicine and science through the COVID-19 pandemic

Senior Research Scholar
Aug 24 2021
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Everyone must address anti-Black racism in health care

Senior Research Scholar
Aug 17 2021
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Free school meal programs a major win for moms

Former Graduate Dissertation Fellow
Aug 13 2021
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"Letters: GOP's take on socialism narrow and unhelpful"

Senior Scholar
Aug 6 2021