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Media Mentions

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Former postdoc quoted on cult of personality in finance industry

Former Postdoctoral Fellow
May 14 2021
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The language of gender bias in performance reviews

Former director, former postdoctoral fellow
Apr 28 2021
photo of woman at computer

How Sexism is Coded into the Tech Industry

Apr 26 2021
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Faculty fellow quoted on virtual unfolding in historical document research

Faculty Fellow
Apr 21 2021
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Workplace equality for all! (unless they're old)

Former Faculty Fellow
Apr 21 2021
Harvard Business Review

When Losing Your Job Feels Like Losing Your Self

Former Clayman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow
Apr 21 2021
graphic illustration

The Weird, Extremely German Origins of the Wirecard Scandal

Apr 21 2021
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Are medical AI devices evaluated appropriately?

Faculty Fellow
Apr 19 2021
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The Pandemic Penalty: The Gendered Effects of COVID-19 on Scientific Productivity

Former Clayman Institute GDF
Apr 13 2021
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Largest-ever survey exposes career obstacles for LGBTQ scientists

Former Clayman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow
Jan 27 2021