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Media Mentions

photo of player sitting alone on bleachers

Michela Musto is interviewed by Fatherly about the pressure boys feel to excel at sports

Clayman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow
Dec 20 2018
photo of woman walking on narrow white line

Study: When Leaders Take Sexual Harassment Seriously, So Do Employees

Clayman Institute Researchers
Dec 14 2018

Ashley Martin examines some surprises about being older and female in the workplace

Clayman Institute Faculty Fellow
Nov 26 2018
ASA logo

ASA Web site features Hart, Crossley, Correll's research on leader messaging about sexual assault

Clayman Institute Researchers
Nov 12 2018

Tina Cheuk co-publishes article promoting improved support for graduate student parents

Former gVIP Fellow
Nov 6 2018

Marianne Cooper tackles masculinity contests with Jennifer L. Berdahl and Peter Glick in HBR piece

Women's Leadership Lab Sociologist
Nov 2 2018

Marianne Cooper writes for Slate about workplace isolation for underrepresented employees

Women's Leadership Lab Sociologist
Oct 26 2018

Londa Schiebinger quoted on gender diversity in science

Former Clayman Institute Director and Faculty Research Fellow
Oct 10 2018

Allyson Hobbs writes about the history of black women’s testimonies of sexual assault for The New Yorker

Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellow
Oct 10 2018

Londa Schiebinger explains how gender diversity leads to research diversity

Former Clayman Institute Director and Faculty Research Fellow
Oct 4 2018