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Media Mentions

Shelley Correll's research on "small wins" featured in the Stanford GSB's newsletter.

Feb 12 2018

Shelley Correll's research on the "motherhood penalty" at Romper

Clayman Institute Faculty Director
Feb 6 2018

Marilyn Yalom writes about "The Amorous Heart" for the Wall Street Journal

Jan 26 2018

Marcie Bianco on the plight of female athletes for NBC Think

Clayman Institute Editorial & Communications Manager
Jan 26 2018

Laura Carstensen wants to find new language to replace that of "old" for the Washington Post

Former Clayman Institute Director
Dec 29 2017

Shelley Correll on her model of "small wins" featured in the Stanford Report

Clayman Institute Director
Dec 19 2017

Londa Schiebinger featured in a piece at Le Monde

Former Clayman Institute Director and Current Faculty Research Fellow
Dec 15 2017

Caroline Simard spoke on how companies can combat sexism on their Slack channels

Clayman Institute Senior Research Director
Dec 15 2017

Marcie Bianco on why white women support of anti-women political candidates

Clayman Institute Editorial and Communications Manager
Dec 11 2017

Edith Gelles reviewed Gordon S. Wood's 'Friends Divided' for the Washington Post

Clayman Institute Senior Scholar
Dec 8 2017