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Artist's Salon

photo of Tabor-Smith dancing
The Clayman Institute’s Artist’s Salon series

Under the leadership of Artist-in-Residence Valerie Miner, the Artist's Salon series shows how the arts contribute to the larger mission of gender equality and research. Miner invites a diverse group of artists from the Stanford community to appear in the Artist’s Salon events. "History shows that often artists first envision the change feminist activists seek to bring about," Miner said in an interview. "I wanted to use my position to bring the arts, analysis, and social activism into closer dialogue."

Feb. 2021: Valerie Miner talks storytelling and reads from her 15th book, Bread and Salt, a collection of short stories.

Feb. 2020: Composer Alessandrini presents  Ada’s Song: A Tribute to Ada Lovelace, a project using AI and a "piano machine" to compose music.

Feb. 2019: In conversation with dance maker Amara Tabor-Smith, the artist shares excerpts from her dance theater works and "Conjure Art."

Feb. 2018: The novelist  talks about the women characters in several of his novels and reads selections from the books.  

Oct. 2016: The multidisciplinary artist creates installations that at once seem both familiar and unexpected, using a combination of printmaking, sculpture, found objects, technology and viewer participation.

April 2016: Revisiting This Bridge Called My Back 35 years after its inception, Moraga explores generational and ancestral memory, and her work as playwright and memoirist. 

Feb. 2016: Castle talks about her life as an artist and writer, and how the two activities have amplified and enriched one another over the past decade.  

Feb. 2015: Krawitz discusses her film Perfect Strangers, which raises questions about what motivates an individual toward an extreme act of compassion.

Oct. 2014:  Fields speaks on "The Poem as Two Poems," reading from his most recent collection and remarking on oddities of structure.

Apr 2014: The Cantor Center director discusses why the arts matter, and how the visual arts are prominent, vital and essential to the life of Stanford students. 

Jan. 2014: A contemporary dancer, choreographer, performer, and teacher, Hayes shares stories and lessons learned about how the friendship of  a Chinese dance scholar her own technique.

Oct. 2013: Artist-in-Residence Miner presents Traveling With Spirits, an exciting, nuanced novel about trespassing, welcoming, and the ever-precarious luck of the innocent.

Jan. 2013: Moses appears with songwriter and folk musician Laura Love to discuss their in-process collaboration on new work.

Nov. 2012: Johnson reads selected passages from his latest book, The Orphan Master's Son, and answer questions on  gender, the human condition, and his writing process.

Oct. 2011: Moraga reads from her new collection, A Xicana Codex of Changing Consciousness.  She discusess thematic ties between her work as an essayist and a playwright, and shares passages from her latest play.

April 2011: Choreographer, performer, and conceptual artist Ann Carlson addresses locations of inspiration and defeat in the context of making live performance.

Feb. 2011: An Academy Award nominee for Arthur and Lillie, a documentary short, Samuelson shows clips from two earlier works and work in progress from her film, An Abundance of Crows.

Nov. 2010: An interdisciplinary artist who works primarily with sculpture, installation, and video, Berlier's work often focuses around everyday objects, ideas of nonplace/place and queer practice.